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Types of Water Levels

Tube Type Water Levels

Tube type water levels are simply a tube or hose of some type which is filled with water. Since water seeks it's own level all that is required is to hold each end of the tube up and wait for the water to settle. You will then have two level points. The advantage here is the simplicity, the disadvantage is that is can be cumbersome to use this type of level since one end needs to be secured (or another person holds it), and absolutely no water can be spilled.

Reservoir Type Water Levels

Reservoir type water levels consist of a reservoir and tubing or hose. The reservoir is filled with water and allowed to flow through the tubing. The end of the tubing is then raised up and the water is allowed to settle after which you will have a level line. The advantages are a stable reservoir which provides a stable level line, easy one man operation, less concern about water spillage, and it's easier to move about (by pinching of end of tubing). The main disadvantage is that these provide a level line but no measurements. The WatrLevel is a reservoir style water level but the addition of the measuring staff allows real time measurements.

Electronic Type Water Levels

There are two main types of electronic water levels: ones that have a unit on one end of the tubing and when you raise the other end of the tubing it will beep when the water reaches the level point. The other type has a unit, tubing, and an electronic readout on the end of the tubing. These will produce actual measurements like the WatrLevel does. The advantages of the latter is real time digital read outs.  The disadvantage is cost and that they are not actually water levels, they use a hydro-static pressure mechanism which requires calibration from time to time.

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