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Features of the WatrLevel

Extruded Aluminum

Our housing is made of quality aluminum and designed to fit comfortable in your hand

Flip-Top Lid

The lid to our reservoir is designed as a flip-top, this allows air to flow and reduces spillage

Extruded Face Plate

Our face plate is extruded from the finest clear plastic. UV resistant and resistant to breakage.

Grommet Connection

We use a 3/8" standard grommet for our tubing. A very simple and effective way to connect the tubing to the reservoir.

ABS Plastic End Cap

The end cap is design to protect the measuring tape, and firmly hold the tubing without creating kinks. The hole is for insertion of the Telescoping Leg which can be inserted in the top or the bottom of the Measuring Staff

Cinch Tight Handle

The handle at the Zero-point cinches down to prevent inadvertent movement

Tubing Pinch Clamp

medical grade pinch clamp shuts of flow of water when not in use or when the Measuring Staff is being moved

Steel Measuring Tape

Our measuring tape is made of the same steel used in tradition measuring tapes with a fractional scale on one side and metric on the other side

Side Channels hold Tubing

We designed the channels on both sides of the face plate to hold 5/16"od tubing. This allows for easy replacement or movement from one channel to the other.

End Cap Holds The Tubing Tight

The design of the end cap hold the tubing tight without kinking it and allows for easy replacement

Colored Tape Measure

We color coded our tape measure to make it easy to read high or low (red is low & black is high)

Two Sizes

Our a24 comes with a telecommuting leg which retracts into the housing. When extended it raises the Measuring Staff up to 42" inches (in increments). The telescoping leg is optional on the a48 (a48 not available at this time)

50' of Standard Tubing

Our standard tubing is 3/16"id x 5/16"od tubing.

Plastic Reservoirs

We have two sizes of reservoirs, 2l for the a24 and 5l for the a48. Designed to provide enough surface area but also able to be capped for transportation and/or storage

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