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WatrLevel Info


The WatrLevel does EVERYTHING a Laser Level or Transit does PLUS MORE, at a fraction of the cost!

A tape measure measures the distance from one point to another. The WatrLevel measures the HEIGHT difference form one point to other points. 

We've combined the traditional water level with a measuring tape to produce the the WatrLevel. Easy to use, accurate, reasonably priced! Perfect for all of your long distance leveling and measuring jobs. What makes the WatrLevel so unique is the Measuring Staff which provides instant measurements.

  • Can measure up to 100' in diameter

  • Can measure longer distances with more tubing

  • One-man operation

  • Blind leveling

  • Easy to set-up

  • Easy to use

  • Very accurate

  • Virtually indestructible

  • No batteries required

  • Easy to read scale

  • Scale has Fractions and Metric

  • Only 1 moving part

  • Can measure down OR up

  • Low cost

The WatrLevel is used for the same applications as a Transit or a Laser Level but the WatrLevel provides measurements, not just a reference line.

  • Concrete patio's

  • Walkways

  • Foundations

  • Decks

  • lawns

  • Fences

  • Retaining walls

  • Brickwork,

  • Installing drains

  • Home Inspection

  • Tool leveling 

  • Mobile home leveling

  • Aircraft construction 

  • Mapping 

  • Installing cabinets 

  • Installing siding

  • Installing garage doors

  • Painting

  • Hanging lights

  • Checking for sinkage,

  • T-bar installation 

There are literally thousands of uses for the WatrLevel.

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