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How does the WatrLevel work?

The WatrLevel is based on the principal that water it’s own level. The water in the reservoir will travel through the tubing and seeks the same level as the water in the reservoir. As long as the water can move freely between the reservoir and the tubing, the level in the tubing and the level in the reservoir will always be exactly the same. The WatrLevel uses a Measuring Staff with a moveable scale. It's this moveable scale that sets the WatrLevel apart from other water levels. When you match the zero point on the scale to the water in the tubing (we call this set-zero) you essentially transfer the level in the reservoir to the Measuring Staff. Wherever you take the measuring staff, you can compare that point to the point you originally set-zero at and get an instant reading.


Is the WatrLevel accurate?

Extremely accurate. So accurate that we have sold some WatrLevels to laser users so they can calibrate their lasers. Error margins are very very low. Since the WatrLevel is not degree-dependent the likelihood that a large error can occur are low. 


How does the WatrLevel compare to Transits and Laser Levels?

Transits and Laser levels are the standards in the building industry, while water levels have always been known to be accurate but cumbersome to use. The WatrLevel changes all that will the addition of our Measuring Staff. Quality laser levels and transits are also very expensive. Inexpensive laser levels are becoming quite popular but have some major shortcomings (not self leveling, and limited outdoor range). Also, these tools require line-of-sight, therefore they do not work around objects and corners. The Watrlevel can be used around objects and corners. Other advantages of the WatrLevel are the fact it only requires one person to operate, very quick set up, no batteries, and of course, the great price. 

The WatrLevel has channels on both sides, what are they for?

The right side has a Fractional scale and the left side a Metric scale. Both sides use 5/16" outer diameter (OD) tubing that can be purchased from any hardware store. We designed the WatrLevel with these channels so the tubing could be easily replaced since the tubing will deteriorate eventually. If you need to replace or move the tubing just use a little soapy water or Windex and it will slide right in.

What if I want a longer tubing?

As we stated in the previous section, the tubing is easily replaceable, just visit you're local hardware store and purchase any length of 5/16"OD tubing you desire. You can also cut the tubing and insert barbs (3/16" ID) at each end of the cut and drop in a extender section of tubing. We sell both the barbs and the tubing here as well. Our tubing tends to be better than tubing found in most hardware stores. The reason for this is ours has a better "dura" rating which is a measure of the flexibility of the tubing.

What if the tubing gets a kink in it or is damaged?


Any kink, obstruction, or damage in the tubing can prevent the WatrLevel from working properly. To remove a kink try using a blow-dryer or heat gun and heat the tubing up gently, this usually removes most kinks . Damaged tubing should be replaced or the bad section cut-out. 

How important is placement of the reservoir?

Unlike other water levels, the WatrLevel requires only that the reservoir be placed within range of the anticipated high and low spots you intend to measure and the tubing will reach all the areas you intend to measure. It doesn't even have to be level. This is because the level in the reservoir is essentially transferred to the Measuring Staff when you set-zero. It should be noted however, that once you set-zero the reservoir cannot be moved or your reference point will move too.


Do I have to be able to see the reservoir?


No, the reservoir does not even have to be visible.  This is a common misconception, many people think that they need to use the level in the reservoir as the starting point for their leveling. But the reality is the reservoir does not need to be in sight or even clear, even a black reservoir will work.

How much water should I put in the reservoir?

As long as the water in the reservoir is above the point where the tubing enters, the WatrLevel will function. However, we do recommend that the  reservoir be filled to about 75% full. The primary reason for filling the reservoir this much is the weight, which makes it less likely the reservoir will be inadvertently moved.

Is the WatrLevel "Juice" essential?

No, but it is very useful. The watrLevel Juice contains food coloring to improve visibility, liquid wetting agent to increase the viscosity of the water, and a chemical agent to reduce chemical buildup on the inside of the tubing. Each bottle will last quite some time since the water does not need to be thrown out after each use. You can order it on this website.

Is the WatrLevel built well?

Extremely well built, unlike many other products which are designed to eventually fail so you have to buy another one. The WatrLevel will last longer than you will (sorry, but it will). It is made with quality parts, many of which you can purchase at your local hardware store. In the unlikely event something does break any part purchased through us easily. I have customers who are still using the WatrLevel they bought in 2001.

Is the WatrLevel available in custom lengths?

No, we are now having them made at a factory so customization is difficult if not impossible. 

Is the scale available in other increments?

Not at this time. 

Can I leave the water in the reservoir when I store the WatrLevel?

Yes, the WatrLevel is designed so that the reservoir can be sealed and the tubing clamped shut. This allows for very quick set-up and use. The tubing will eventually deteriorate no matter what you do but it can easily be replaced. We suggest that for long term storage you remove the water because the tubing will deteriorate in the long-run.


What can I use to prevent freezing?

Most people use RV anti-freeze. Some people have mentioned adding vinegar to the water. What ever you use or add it has to have similar properties to water and if added to water needs to mix well. 

Can the WatrLevel be shipped to me overnight?

Yes it can but it can be very expensive. The a48 model is shipped in a box that is 50" long x 11" wide x 5" deep, therefore the cost to ship overnight is about as much as the WatrLevel itself. The a24 aren't as quite as bad, they are shipped in a box that is 28" long x 8" wide x 4" deep so it's still very expensive. Shipping rates have gone up considerably these last few years.

What does the telescoping leg do?

The telescoping leg is provided as a means for bringing the WatrLevel up to eye-level so no need to bend over to read the scale. The telescoping leg can also be inserted into the top of the WatrLevel so the watrLevel can be used for high spots (like ceilings, rain gutters, etc).

Are there any other attachments available for the WatrLevel?

Not at this time, but it would be rather easy to make some yourself. Attachments that can be of use are: a hook to reach drain lines above or hanging light fixtures, a stand to set the WatrLevel in when in areas where there is nothing to lean it against, a tri-pod to set or hang the reservoir from, a device to attach to end of the telescoping leg that can mark objects, a screw in the plastic plug to use as a carpet needle, etc. 

Are there any distributors or retailers in my area?

We are a very small company and we do not have distributors or retailers yet.

The WatrLevel comes with 50' feet of tubing, how do I get a longer length?

We sell additional 50' lengths that come with barbs to extend the length of the tubing on this website.

Can I make my own water level?

Yes. Tubing water levels are just tubing so anyone can make this. Reservoir water levels are a little more difficult primarily for 2 reasons: the reservoir needs to have sufficient surface area such as a gallon jug or plastic tub 8" or more in diameter. The other issue is how to connect the tubing to the reservoir.  We've opted for a simple rubber grommet. We sell a basic kits on this website for the DIYers.

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